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Custom rifles built with

A Polished barrel finish
Left Hand 6x47L
Blended Brakes
6 ARC Custom
6 ARC Custom
6 ARC Custom
Savage Axis 223 converted to 350 Legend modified .358. Shooting Heavy 200gr FTX
Blue printed Rem 700, 223 AI PRS build. MDT ACC Chassis
Blue printed Rem 700, 223 AI PRS build. MDT ACC Chassis
Custom bolt knob
Javalina Javeline 300AAC Rem700 Pistol
22 Creedmoor Savage 110, MDT XRS Chassis PRS build
280 Remington, Douglas Premium XX 28.5 Finished length barrel
280 Remington 700 Custom Stock Alteration
F-Class 308 Match Mossberg 100ATR. 30 inch Douglas Premium XX Barrel
Mauser 98 7mm08 Conversion
Harrel's Precision Blended Brake
Curtis Axiom 6mm Creedmoor PRS
Curtis Axiom 6mm CM PRS build

Featured Partners

Partnering with H&W to bring quality products to the competitive shooting sports, Bradley has innovative designs and top notch equipment producing unmatched quality. 

Your rifle is only a tool, and the tool is only good as it's user. Precision doesn't need to cost thousand's. Here at DPG, we make the tools to hit your mark and the knowledge to keep doing so.






Desert Precision Gunworks LLC is dedicated to provide Gold Standard quality in precision rifles that are also affordable. We are dedicated to finding quality products that are guaranteed to meet and exceed our clients expectations. Our rifle's are tested for precision and performance and offer matching load data specifically tuned for each rifle.


Precision doesn't stop at 100 yards

We're a full custom rifle shop! Desert Precision Gunworks LLC can build your next rifle. Our rifles don't just shoot bug hole groups at 100 yards, we build our rifles to exceed your expectations at Long Range well past 1,000 yards. At DPG we believe in teaching the necessary tools needed for long range precision. We dedicate our shop in listening to our clients needs while building a rifle that will out perform their expectations. We'll update you in every step and process of the build, making sure to finalize how you want your rifle to be built while maintaining budget

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