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All bullet feeder dies use two (2) 5/32 or 4mm detent ball bearings and two (2) 13/64 x 13/16 extension springs or rubber band and 1/2 x (bullet diameter) plexiglass tubing. Links these can be found below

Extension Springs           5/32 Detent balls           Plexiglass tubing

223/5.56 Remington 

223 Bullet Die.PNG
223 Bullet Die Cutout.PNG

7/8 Die. Two detent positions, Upper detent for 60 and higher gr projectiles. Lower detent used for 55gr and lower projectiles. Uses only one detent ball

and 3/8 OD x 1/4 ID Plexiglas tubing

9mm / 357 or 358

9mm Bullet Die.PNG

7/8 Die. Requires two detent balls. Lower detent set for shorter OAL bullets. Set detents on upper level if the die will not reset

45 Cal Universal 

45 ACP Bullet Feeding die.PNG

7/8 Die. One 5/32''/ 4mm detent ball, Drops one .429 - .458 Projectile onto a cartridge. This will work for any cartridge ranging from 44 SPC/ 45 ACP to 458 Socom. Die setup is simple, Screw die down until touches shell holder. Back out die 1-2 revolutions

*Due to the inner tube being thinner than other bullet feeder dies as well as print variation. Detent ball opening in the inner tube is slightly smaller and will require slight chamfering or fitment of the detent ball. Two Inner tube versions. One for a 5/8x1/2 Plexiglas tube, and one for using a Lee Precision Universal Tube. Print the inner tube that suits your needs

Print at 1.6 layer height. Reduce print speed to 40mms using PLA on OEM 16 bit mother boards. Works with PETG at same print speeds. Print with Supports at 70 degree or more overhang only

30 Cal Universal


7/8 Die. Requires two detent balls. Lower detent position works for many various bullet profiles. There are three detent positions. Highest detent position is for pistol 30 cal cartridges.

Die has guided inner tube and 30 degree shoulder. Can accommodate cartridges from 32 short to 3006.

Uses two small hair tie rubber bands easily found at local grocery stores in the beauty isle

STL Files here

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