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Precision doesn't stop at 100 yards


 We're a full custom rifle shop! Desert Precision Gunworks LLC can build your next rifle. Our rifles don't just shoot bug hole groups at 100 yards, we build our rifles to exceed your expectations at Long Range well past 1,000 yards. At DPG we believe in teaching the necessary tools needed for long range precision. We dedicate our shop in listening to our clients needs while building a rifle that will out perform their expectations. We'll update you in every step and process of the build, making sure to finalize how you want your rifle to be built while maintaini

The Marksman Package





















Our top tiered service. The marksman package starts with an custom action of your choosing. Every aspect of the rifle is custom fitted. Barrel options are carefully chosen. Barrel's will be chambered with new spec reamers from Dave Manson or PTG. 

  • Cut away Chamber gauges are made with the same reamer for handloading reference

  • Full length dies are also cut with the same reamer and are heat treated and TiN coated. This gives the ability to size cartridges that match fit the rifles chamber.

  • Full inleting, bedding and pillars added (where applicable).

  • Fitment of an ARCA swiss mount or MLok mount on rifles forend

  • Initial Load Development performed. Upon completion of the rifle and break in. We'll test the rifles ability and meet expectations of half minute groups out to 1,000 yards. Load details will be included.

  • Custom Length of Pull and adjustability

  • Custom Cheek riser (where applicable) 

  • Chassis rifles will utilize MDT chassis

  • Laminate, composite stock options are chosen

  • BYOS (Bring your own stock). That traditional hunting walnut stock can be upgraded and modernized. Complete refinish will be performed with attributes listed above

  • Detailed blueprinted measurements will be filed for reference and offered to the clients request for the lifetime of the rifle

Price: Contact Us for quotes

Action Truing 

We offer blue printing of Remington 700 and Savage 10/110 action

This includes;

  • Squaring action face

  • Bolt face squaring

  • Action re-threading

  • Bolt face squaring

  • Bolt lugs squaring

  • Scope base mounting holes alignment

Price: $175 Contact Us


Send us your contoured barrel blank and barrel action, We'll chamber and fit the barrel to the action. All barrels will be checked with Go and No-Go gauges. Any abnormalities or pre-existing damages to either the barrel or action may result in not performing the work. We'll inspect the action and barrel first and MPI test the parts for signs of cracks before performing the re-barrel service.

Currently we are working with;

  • Remington 700 based actions

  • Savage 10/110 actions

  • Tikka actions

  • Howa Mini

Price: $300 Contact Us

Pillar and Action Bedding












One of the best upgrades to increase accuracy of your rifle is making sure the rifle is properly seated into the rifles stock. Minuit movement of an action in a stock can devastate accuracy and inhibit the rifles ability to shoot consistent. We offer complete rifle bedding services using Devcon 230-10110 Steel or Acraglas Gel. To match your rifle's stock color, Acraglas Gel will be used. Else, Devcon offers a solid bedding compound with zero expansion. Upon bedding, The action will be fitted to ensure complete free floating of the barrel. Price includes pillars. Certain actions require custom inleting and pillars. Click the "Contact us" link for verification and a quote and time estimation

Price: $100 Contact Us


The Gun Doctor

As Townsend Waylon said, "Only accurate rifles are accurate". You don't have to be disappoint with your rifle. Send it to us and let us get it accurate. We'll examine the rifle from buttstock screw to crown of the rifle to determine what improvements it needs. Don't waste your money buying the new and improved just for accuracy. A quality accurate rifle is determined by the skill of the maker. Unfortunately, today's makers are machines, and craftsmanship and quality skill traits are obscured. That old hand-me-down or heirloom more than likely is a better built rifle than today's, it just needs some attention. Let us help!

Price: $100 Contact Us

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