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Case feeder reliability upgrade 

Printable upgrade to replace the Lee APP press fingers. Bottom case support is added to eliminate cartridge tilting while feeding into the shell holder. Funnel is enlarged to give better feeding and rigidity. Minor fitting and sanding needed

.3mm Washer added to slightly lower shell holder

*This modified fingers ~may not work well with rimmed cartridges, as it can possibly off center the cartridge 

Slicer Settings for best results:


.12 Layer Height

50% infill density

20mms speed

support overhang angle: 30

Brim/raft needed for bed adhesion

Orientation: Lay on side, copy and mirror STL

*Enable Ironing and Iron Top Layer only for washer

Lee APP Roller Handle


Designed by TinMan on YouTube. This handle is an ergonomic upgrade for the Lee APP Press.

(One) M8 Bolt 110mm Long
(Two) Washers
(One) Nylock nut
(Two) 608-2RS Bearings - Skate board bearings

Slicer settings


.20 Layer height

30-80% infill

no supports

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