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22 DPC available for pre order! Orders fullfiled within 3 months

The long awaited 22 DPC (Desert Precision Cartridge) is finally finalized and first batch of 22inch barrels in production.

We have complete Aero Precision M4E upper assemblies available as well as just Barrel + BCG. (Limited number)

22in SPR Barrel Specs:

Preferred Barrel handlapped 1:8 Twist

HBAR contour

Rifle +2 Gas system

.750 Gas Block

Matching headspaced Aero Precision complete BCG

Must Use H1 buffer

Verified load data listed in details.

Velocities of over 3100 FPS with a 77gr bullet gets you the same elevation hold as a 6mm Creedmoor out to 1000 yards!

80.5gr Bergers speeds of 2940 FPS. Hands down this beats the 224 Valkyrie while using factory loaded 6mm ARC ammo!

Only need a 6mm ARC FL sizing bushing die and 251 bushing and factory 6mm ARC ammo or once fired 6 ARC brass to convert!

Want a shorter barrel? We're working on those to get finalized but here's some results!

We are currently testing the shortest barrel length we'll offer, which is, 14.5 in. Velocities achieved with a 77gr Projectile are pushing near the 2900 FPS mark! This is faster than the best 223 77gr ammo in the market again yielding better ballastics than a 223 bolt gun or 224 valkyrie but in a shorter semi auto package!

As we confirm some load data and finalize the gas system for reliability, we'll update you guys when the shorter barrels are available!

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