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💵 DIY Budget 💵 F-Class / ELR Custom Rifle

Folks that have been following me have seen some pretty sub par groups that were being shot out of this Mossberg 100ATR Bantam. Previously the best group I was able to achieve was only 1.25″. Even that wasn’t consistent. My last video made about this rifle was how I bedded the action. If you’re wondering how to bed your own action you can watch the video here:…

Even after bedding the rifle, groups did not improve. I’ve spent close to 250$ just in reloading supplies and didn’t want to waste anymore. So I decided to turn this rifle into something awesome. I’ve received many comments saying that these rifles are not worth it and was even quoted, “Only accurate rifles are interesting” – Townsend Whelen. Despite the funny comments, I took it as a challenge to build an accurate rifle with minimal cost, not commonly heard of in the precision rifle world. The action is pretty sturdy and is in fact thicker than a Rem 700. Another thing it has going for it is the Free Floating Bolt head. From my experience with working with my Savage 110, I’ve found these free floating bolts to increase accuracy quite a bit without the need to 100% blue print the action.

This Mossberg action is setup similar to a Savage action as it utilizes a barrel nut. This makes headspacing and chambering a barrel a lot easier, something I haven’t done until now. Mark from Action Gunsmithing agreed to help guide me through the process, and so through the limited time I had with him I decided not to film and soak up everything he was teaching me.

Previously working in the precision tool and die industry as a machinist, I was able to pick up fairly quickly with the small tips and tricks he used on his lathe. I hope to show this on my next rifle build.

I feel I can relate with the majority of shooters here as I’m just an ordinary blue collar worker who can’t just go buy a $3,000 rifle and $2,000 scope without retaliation from my wife. In fact I don’t believe money will buy you accuracy. In my opinion, a rifle is only a tool. The tool is only as accurate as the person’s ability to use the tool. I feel your hard earned cash is best spent understanding how to use the tools you have. Master its attributes and fundamentals of precision long range. Only then will one know exactly what needs to be invested to get them to the next level.

So in conclusion, don’t ever think your tools are too inferior for hitting your mark. I personally was outshot by an 8mm Mauser by a wise retired man using iron sights at 1,000 yards. And I have personally outshot folks with a $40 scope. If you’re able to take away anything said here, I’d say that as long as you’re able to enjoy with what you’ve got, then that’s really all that matters. Make best with what you got, and push your limits. Don’t let intimidation limit your ability. Most importantly…. HAVE FUN!

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