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DIY Cheap Target Camera $100 +2Miles

Looking For A Cheap Long Range Target Camera?

After hands-on testing a few target cameras, I was very dis-impressed with the quality let alone how much they are charging for them. I set out to see what options I can come up with by putting my electronics background to use. Here is Solution #1 as I’ll be trying other types of video/audio transmitters. Adding a camera spotter will help get you on target faster thus saving you time and more importantly hair loss due to frustration.  Oh yeah, cash as well.

The products I used are listed below:

FPV Camera 200mW Transmitter Combo:

5.8Ghz Clover Antenna:

12v Battery Pack:

FPV Receiver (Android, PC only)

FPV Receiver (Android/iPhone)

12v Barrel Connectors:

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