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Eagle Target Cam now reaches 1K+

Further testing on some R&D have came back with a successful solution to extend the range of the Eagle Target Cam.

This simple WiFi repeater and directional antenna is very compact and easy to use. 1.)Turn it on wait 1 min 20 sec 2.) Aim antenna down range to the Camera 3.) Connect to the WiFi base station

Benefits seen have been smoother connection with slightly less lag and the ability to freely roam with your viewing device in a 50 yard radius from the WiFi station

So far connection has been tested at 1200 yards with possible ability to go further. We are working on putting together an all in one package. Folks that have purchased the previous camera will be able to purchase just the WiFi long range extender to add range. Stay Tuned!

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When are you going to have more of the cameras Kenny? I’d like one..



👍 Fantastic!


That's great news, Kenny! Thanks for you continuing R&D.

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