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Is your Muzzle Brake the cause to blame?

Choosing the correct muzzle brake plays a role in how well your rifle will shoot down range. Accuracy issue's can occur with an in-affective muzzle brake. Captive first baffled muzzle brakes constrain the ability for your muzzles crown to do its job. Many muzzle brakes are designed this way. I like to call them carbon catch cans. Though effective at mitigating muzzle rise, carbon collects and builds easily with these designs and if not cleaned regularly, can affect accuracy dramatically. Ideally, you want gasses to exit the crown and leave the barrel immediately. Having the first gas port in parallel with your crown greatly reduces carbon build up and prolongs accuracy.

Many brakes are advertised to be bored to a specific caliber. Have you thought about checking that clearance?

You may be surprised to find that bore diameter can be in excess of 100 thousandths more. Optimum published brake diameter is stated to be 20 thousandths over bullet diameter e.g. (.243 projectile should have a .263" bore) this creates efficient seal and exit of gasses once the projectile passes the baffles.

How concentric is that muzzle brakes bore to the bore of the barrel? Many custom builds emphasize lots of time spent to have all centers lined up for accuracy. The last thing your projectile see's before following it's path IS at the muzzle or whats hanging off it. Those who have turned their own barrels know that most of the time, bore alignment doesn't match with the barrel O.D. Misalignment of the baffles can cause gas direction to alter forces greater to one side of the projectile hence affecting it's flight path.

Our barrels here at DPG are trued from Chamber to Muzzle brake tip. Assuring best possible accuracy and minimal carbon build up. That's why we choose Harrel's Precision muzzle brakes. Very effective on recoil. Precision all the way through

So if your fighting to achieve accuracy. Start with a clean crown and no muzzle brake and get a base line results of your rifles performance. If your looking at name brands. Consider some benefits with its design. Does the cost justify the amount? Or should you just have a reputable gunsmith tune a brake for your barrel? You may find that having a custom brake installed isn't much more than purchasing name brands.

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