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Lee Precision APP - The Mini workhorse and upgrades

Lee's new press for 2020 has defiantly caught much interest from many. Is it a good press and worth getting? Keep reading and see if it suits you...

These past few months, I've had lot's of time working this new press. To summarize my overall experience, this press is a great add-on to those who cast or need to process lots of brass regularly. Is it perfect? ... eh no, but it gets the job done and it does it fairly well. A few problem's I've ran into with this press include; Case feeding and ergonomics. Both problems I have addressed and have modified and added upgrades to helped this press substantially. These upgrades also where only a few dollars.

Lee Precision continues to innovate and offer products that work for the average reloader. However, to cut cost, many parts are made in injection molded plastic. These parts are the weak point and many comments received express this concern. Lee Precision has one of the best customer service, and this should be considered. A simple phone call or email to Lee Precision and you'll have a replacement part sent your way. In many cases, at no cost

Overview and setup

How fast is this press?


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Phil Hess
Phil Hess
May 21, 2020

I would like to see your press automated, we talked the other day. I can't wait for your new parts. After talking to you Monday my riser broke and the case inserter is worn out ist has decapped and sized around 50,000 9 mm cases. The plastic rail and inserter just won't hold up.

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