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Rim-X and CZ457 fans, We have a bolt head upgrade and CZ457 Extractor Set! - DPX Bolt Head Mod

Our in house CZ457 extractors are near completion as we finalized its performance and reliability. We will be offering these extractor upgrade set separately for CZ457/CZ455 owners also. These extractors bite hard and let go when it needs to, increased ejection throw due to its precision wire EDM cut S7 tool steel and enhanced profile plus increased Extractor spring.

We tested many different style 22lr extractors offered in multiple platforms for a replacement on the Rim-X to help mitigate the dreaded Rim-X Jam. This trial of testing, with lots and lots of ammo........ resulted in our CZ457 extractors to outperform and have minimal wear with zero malfunctions over other systems. Needless to say, we are proud of what we accomplished with the little time we have and eager to share with our 2A community.

The details of the DPX Rim-X upgrade can be found here

We are testing waters on how popular the demand is, so check out the link and if your serious about upgrading, click the back in stock request. Depending on demand, these will be available this summer 2024

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This is outstanding! Glad there are still craftsman that continue to innovate and continue to progress the capabilities of these platforms! Eagerly awaiting to see what comes next! Keep pushing forward!

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