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Savage Axis 358 Legend Build

350 Legend Fans,

Here’s a custom built Savage Axis that was rebarreled to a modified 350 Legend. The Axis was originally a 223 Remington and now is repurposed to be a hard hitting hunting rifle. Now for those that didn’t know, the SAAMI 350 Legend from Winchester uses a .355 bullet and 9mm bore. This is a huge let down for us hand loaders as we anticipated this cartridge to be able to use the plethora of available projectiles in 357 and 358. Fortunately PTG came out with a modified 350 Legend Reamer that is necked up to allow proper chambering for 358 bullets. This Savage Axis 350 Legend modified was created to make it what it’s suppose to be, a 180-225 grain heavy hitting cartridge with capability of heavy subsonics and ability to use the vast plethora of cast and FMJ 357/358 projectiles. The barrel is a 357 bore Black Hole Weaponry 3 groove polygonal rifled blank turned down to 1.055″ straight. Chambered with the modified 350 Legend PTG reamer. No mods where needed to make it feed. The magazine and feed ramps work perfect for this build

Huge thanks to Barn Dweller for sending that Magnetospeed! I absolutely love it

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