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Upcoming updates to the Eagle Target Cam

As many have seen, these target cam's have been extremely popular, which unfortunately get's sold out very very quickly. Camera modules have been very hard to come by so we've been at work to come up with a solution to have these more readily available.

Huge thanks to a great friend WestCovinaDodge for showing possible replacements that can be more readily available, smaller and requires less parts and 3D printing. This will enable us to have more units ready to go and be more readily available. The new module in-cooperates the same features of the Eagle Target Cam but in a smaller package. As we continue to further test these units and design a housing, we're excited to offer these soon. Keeping the cost affordable, units readily available and a quality product is key and our goal. We'll continue to further develop the Android APP and add more features.

We want to thank-you for your patience as well as apologize for not having these more readily available. We're working hard on solutions and keeping it out of the hands of big manufactures so these units stay affordable for the average shooter. This is why these camera's where made.

Here is a sneak peak of the new module being tested. Other modules are being tested to see what will work best

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