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Volunteer's needed

Running behind schedule...

This winter season work schedule has caused some un-planned delay on these camera's. My availability for testing these target camera's is short. So I need your help.

Looking for volunteers to test these camera's and provide feedback. All cost is paid forth including shipping. Criteria;

1.) Video response either social media or via email

2.) Ability to test range, furthest distance these work for you

3.) State the devices you used and how long the battery last for you

4.) Honest feedback, good or bad

5.) 2-3 week time frame on the review

6.) Test if possible in different weather conditions

As of right now I've been testing various antenna's to have these reach out to 1 mile for a long range version. For those that have seen my video on my, As this unit sits, I'm able to pick up video streaming reliably out to 350 Yards. As a goal to provide a excellent target cam at a fraction of the cost. I've developed a camera with help from (Pat) West Covina Dodge that is expendable if hit. This camera broadcast a WiFi 2.4ghz connection just like your internet router. Connect to it and your wifi device will automatically pop up your web browser and start streaming. Image quality is about 720p but can zoom in with the web browser to see your impacts. This makes a great little device for load development when trying to see shots on paper

To keep cost down, It wont include a tripod or tripod mount. I don't believe in selling ching chong crap tripods marked up for a profit unlike the other camera's. A majority of folks have a decent tripod and phone holder as well as a general idea how they want to mount the camera.

As a suggestion I'm using this phone holder mount

Interested? Comment below. Candidate's will be choosen via email invite

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Any updates when this camera will be available?


Tony Porter
Tony Porter
Feb 04, 2020

I live in Colorado and would love to try one also. Can test from 100 to 1000. I would prefer to pay for it.


Mike Black
Mike Black
Jan 30, 2020

I volunteer in a program for youth hunters. During a youth hunt, we set up a target range for them to shoot their rifles one at a time to make sure they know how to shoot them and that they can shoot reasonably accurate. I have looked at some of the commercial model camera setups, but they are out of my budget, so for now I have to use a spotting scope, and of course everyone standing and watching want to look through it as well making it tough. I would love to try out one of your cameras and give feed back if I am one of the lucky ones to be chosen.


Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith
Jan 25, 2020

Awesome setup mate cant wait till you get these up and running i'll be ordering one for myself(let's hope you can ship to Australia). also how did you go with the Quad fpv cameras they have much better images and range don't they? Maybe a deluxe version for a bit more money? i know id definitely be interested in it.

Cheers Smithy....


Happy to test for you in Idaho. Plenty of varied weather this time of year.

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