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Introducing the 2500x Trident 22lr Benchrest Custom, the pinnacle of precision accuracy in the world of custom rifles. This rifle is the best 22lr we can build, designed to compete at the top level in the ARA league and IBI benchrest. It features the 2500x Trident Action, ensuring smooth and reliable operation with each shot. The Randy Owens custom low profile stock from precision wood crafting stocks provides a comfortable and stable shooting platform, while the Bix n' Andy Tac sport trigger set at 2oz delivers crisp and consistent trigger pulls. Handselected barrels and limited annual production ensure that each 2500x Trident 22lr Benchrest Custom is of the highest quality and destined for greatness on the range.


Limit 10 builds per year

This enables us to hand select components and provide the best accuracy we offer. Each rifle is laser marked individually as a signature series and unique number


Build Details:

  • 2500x right bolt left ejection
  • 30 MOA Picatinny scope rail
  • Hand Selected DPG Premium 22lr Barrel air gauged and veried under .003'' curvature
  • 1.100'' Straight Contour 1:16 twist
  • Chambered with our 22lr reamer's for Eley or Lapua
  • Bix N' Andy Tac Sport Pro curved trigger set at 2oz

2500x Trident 22lr Benchrest Custom

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