3D Printed .45 Cal Universal bullet drop die. This will work on calibers: 45 ACP - 458 Socom as well as rimmed cartridges like 45 LC. It drop's one .45 cal projectile ontop of cartridge. Perfect upgrade for any progressive press looking to load bulk ammo. Made from PLA+ plastic.


*Uses 1 (one) detent. There are two detent positions. Lower position must be used for pistol cartridges. Upper detent to be used for longer projectiles and rifle cartridges


*Due to current availability, Feeder dies will use a rubber bands instead of extension springs and will operate as designed*


Die includes:

  • 3D printed lock ring
  • 6" Plexiglass bullet tube
  • Easy load funnel


Here's how it works. CLICK HERE



.45 Cal Universal Bullet Drop Die


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