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Brand new Deadair Primal suppressor 5/8x24 direct thread



The Primal from Dead Air Silencers is optimized for large-bore and high-pressure rifles but versatile enough to be used on your pistol.  It's able to handle virtually every caliber you may own.  The Primal's extreme versatility is accomplished by the large .46 bore diameter and the 1.375x24 thread pitch in the rear portion of the can.  This is the same thread pitch used by the popular Nomad series of silencers from Dead Air and many other competing products.

For those looking for accuracy, the Dead Air Xeno system can be used.  The Keymo mounts can also be quickly and easily installed for those wanting speed and elegance.   Aside from these quick disconnect solutions provided by Dead Air, they also make a variety of direct thread mounts.  As this is an industry-standard thread pitch, the Primal can host many 3rd party offerings.  If the ability to use nearly every rifle mounting system on the market isn't enough, the new "HUB to P-Series" adapter is included in the box.  This adapter converts the Primal to utilize the same accessories for the Wolfman and Ghost.   Be it a piston system for your handgun or a 3-lug mount for your subgun, the Primal has you covered.  

The only thing the Dead Air Primal can't do is 22LR, but the Dead Air Mask can quickly solve that problem! 



The Primal offers ultimate versatility, but more importantly, it's Dead Air's first silencer designed for significant caliber suppression.  It brings them into the world of quieting down larger calibers like .338 but also silencing 458 SOCOM, 450 Bushmaster, and our personal favorite, 45-70 out of a lever gun.  Large and heavy projectiles at subsonic speeds are an absolute joy to shoot, and with Dead Air making them quiet, it provides one of the most enjoyable firearms experiences out there.  Its larger volume makes the Primal shine on sub-guns and pistol-caliber carbines.  It can be quickly put on an MP5, B&T APC45, or an LWRC SMG, providing significant decibel reduction, lower backpressure, and accommodating calibers larger than the Wolfman can handle.  Combine this with the "Bravo" thread pitch in the mount, and you have a silencer that fits many roles and does a great job at them.  



  • No minimum barrel lengths
  • 17-4 Stainless construction
  • Rated for 458 SOCOM, 450 Bushmaster, 45-70, and other big bore calibers
  • Rated for 5.56 to 338 Lapua for centerfire rifles
  • Rated for 9x19 to 45ACP for pistols
  • Compatible with all "Bravo" style mounting solutions



  • 5/8x24 Direct Thread mount
  • HUB to P-Series adapter (for use with booster and 3-lug adapters)
  • Maintenance wrenches
  • Instruction manual



  • Dead Air Titanium Direct Thread Mounts
  • Dead Air E-Brake
  • Dead Air Key-Mo (Omega Variant)
  • Dead Air Key-Mount Flash Hider
  • Dead Air Key-Mount Muzzle Brake
  • Dead Air Xeno Mount
  • Dead Air Xeno Muzzle Brake
  • Dead Air Xeno Flash Hider
  • Dead Air Front Cap Removal Tool
  • Dead Air Sandman Front Caps
  • Dead Air Sandman Flash Hider Front Caps
  • Dead Air Booster Assembly
  • Dead Air 3-Lug Mount
  • Dead Air Pistons
  • SilencerCo Omega / Hybrid ASR
  • Plan B by Q

Dead Air Primal Suppressor Big Bore 5/8x24 direct thread

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