Works on Android, iPhone or PC*An affordable Target Cam for those needing to see your impacts on paper or steel. This affordable target cam transmits a WiFi access point over 2,200 Yards!. Simple use, connect your mobile, tablet or Laptop to the camera's WiFi. Then, open your web browser or Android App and start streaming 1080p Video. So what if you accidently shot or destroyed the camera?No problem, a replacement camera can be bought upon return of the old unit and proof of purchase. Replacement unit will be sold at cost, $40. Beats buying a whole system for hundreds like the other target cams on the market! *NEW* WiFi base station allows user to view camera down range with a 50 yard radius connection to base station. Quick detach Tripod Mount 1/4 x 20 Tripod screw 6hrs run time Rechargable via Micro USB (Included) Swivel 8 dBi omni directional antenna Durable Case housing

Eagle Target Cam™ - Long Range

SKU: EETargetCam.1
  • DPGunworks wants to thank the designers that helped make these camera's a complete affordable and outstanding package

    Folding tripod original design by:


    Modified to fit our WiFi base station


    Battery Power Module housing original design by:


    Modified to fit new 2020 DIYMoor 18650 Shield's


    These models are created under the Creative Commons License. All accredidation is appointed to the original designers of these models. 

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