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Best 14 round mags for Rim-X, Vudoo, B14r's!

Maximum capacity of 14 rounds of 22lr. It is adjustable in both the feed height and magazine well fitment utilizing shims between the latch and body to achieve a solid lockup and prevent the dreaded tilt induced misfeed when contacting a support bag. It is injection molded using premium glass reinforced polymer for a stiffer and more durable body, this prevent the top round from pointing upwards when quickly inserting the magazine on the clock. The internal surfaces of the mold were highly polished to ensure the smoothest feeding of any polymer rimfire magazine on the market. The Base plate and adjustable latch are billet machined from 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum and type 2 anodized for a great finish. Compatible in Bergara B14r, Vudoo V22, Vudoo 360, Rim-X, Curtis Customs conversions, and Ultamatum Deuce rifles.

L3i Elite Universal Rimfire Mag

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