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All actions will include a 30 MOA scope base and competition bolt knob. We do not recommend going any higher as you will be working the outter edges of your scope inducing more parallax error. 30 MOA is more than sufficient to zero a scope out to 500 yards with a scope having 28 mils of internal adjustment.

Zermatt Rim-X Action

  • The Zermatt Arms RIMX rimfire action is the newest addition to the line of precision machined actions from the crew at Zermatt Arms. The Zermatt RIMX was designed to fill a gap for more cost effective, real feel training while maintaining the high levels of quality and dimensional tolerance control that's become standard from Zermatt.

    Like the Origin and TL3/SR3 actions, the RIMX follows the same Remington 700 style footprint to allow for easy fitment to stocks and chassis along with the use of Rem 700 style triggers.

    The Zermatt Arms RIMX action also uses an interchangeable bolt head system similar to that of the Origin action and TL3/SR3 line of actions. RIMX actions will be available with bolt heads for 22LR/17 Mach 2, 17 HMR/22 mag and coming soon, 17 WSM rimfire cartridges. Each bolt face features a non-protruding extraction system that allows for a flat breach face barrel to be installed without the need for timed extractor relief. This will make barrel interchangeability and installation easier than ever. Each RIMX action will include one of the RIMX proprietary magazines. The RIMX magazine is machined from 7075 aluminum and hardcoat anodized for durability. Every magazine is height adjustable with an adjustable magazine catch that allows for fine tuning the feed cycle. The RIMX magazine also has an integrated feed ramp that places the round at the most optimal angle for the smoothest overall feel. Magazines also feature a follower with easy to grab finger holds to make loading quick and easy.

    RIMX feature list:

    • Rem 700 footprint
    • Integrated recoil lug
    • Nitrided receiver and bolt body
    • DLC coated bolt head
    • Non-protruding, fixed extractor
    • 6 o’clock position firing pin
    • Tool-less, bayonet style fire control
    • Interchangeable bolt heads
    • 22LR 
    • 17 HMR/ 17 Mach 217 WSM (available at a later date)
    • 30 MOA Rail Standard
    • Tactical bolt knob
    • 7075 aluminum 10 round adjustable height magazine Included
  • Factory new CZ457 rifle is used for this build. 5 round or single shot magazines will be included.

    We square up and true these actions. Barrels are thermal fitted giving a solid rigid system greatly enchancing accuracy.

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