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This is a gunsmithing service for a rebarrel on a Vudoo V22 or V22 360 22LR action


We will rebarrel your Vudoo V22 action with one of our hand selected Shilen or Krieger barrels. All work is hand-fit and tediously assembled to ensure tight tolerances and headspace exactly at 0.043'' 


We offer chambers that will favor the ammo you are shooting. Please select in the drop down menu.


We will require at min a complete barreled action:

  • Action
  • Scope Rail
  • Bolt
  • Mag
  • Trigger


We recommend sending a complete rifle minus accessories for accurate down range testing as well as a box of ammo you are using. We will test at min 200 rounds to guarentee .3'' at 50 yards and sub 1'' at 100 yards with match ammo. Lapua test center lot testing availiable please inquire for this service using our contact button.


Estimated 4-6 month turn around

Vudoo V22 Rebarrel service

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