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Rim-X Update! DP Gunworks Quality standards

A new batch of Rim-X actions hit the shop with more on the way!

Our shop has been blessed with the overwhelming ammount of new client builds. Our Rim-X 22LR builds are definitely the most popular. Proven reliability and accuracy for the NRL/PRS 22LR competitor.

Unfortunately, our lovely economy has put a major strain in availability of these actions. Our small shop in the past has been able to keep up with these builds with an average 2 month turn around time prior to 2021. These actions are now taking up to 6 months just to acquire. Our shop has built relationships with many vendors including Zermatt themselves in order to acquire these actions. We have also reached out to local shops across the nation, purchasing these actions at MSRP prices in order to keep up with the demand.

The good news is, we foresee availability on these actions to increase with our relationship with Zermatt and its major vendors. Our shop will be one of the first to receive these actions from here out

I personally want to stress to our clients and future clients why our shop differs from others. We are a complete hand fitted operation with strict quality standards. The barrels chosen for any of our builds goes through a rigorous sorting starting from the barrel manufacturer. Our barrels do not come from Krieger direct or any In-Stock vendor. Typically those in-stock barrels are of lower quality. We custom order through the vendor and pay extra for a barrel smith to hand select the barrels for our order. We then air gauge those barrels when they hit our shop to ensure the straightness and uniform bore for the build. This tool was a huge investment for us, but has returned investment in more accurate rifles. We strongly believe this process builds the foundation for an accurate rifle!

Not only are our rifles structured around quality, We are one of the only shops that physically test the rifle down range in real conditions and as configured to the shooter. These rifles do not leave our shop until consistent accuracy is seen. Sometimes with the best hand picked components and best machining practices, the uncontrolled anomaly of poor accuracy may show resulting on a rebarrel or replacement of the action, stock etc. at NO additional cost to the client. Zermatt has set the bar high on these Rim-X's and we can definitely brag that we have one of the most reliable and accurate Rim-X builds on the market


With the unforeseen delay on the actions, this unfortunately has extended our build times exponentially. We understand the frustration of the wait and definitely share that with our vendors as well. However, our goal with our clients is to build a partnership together rather than seen as a customer. Our foundation for quality will never be sacrificed for quantity. F.T.Q (first time quality). We have personally seen other shops subdue to the impatient pressure from their customers resulting in a "rushed" build. Again our builds do require the time for us to do our job and ensure a quality, accurate and reliable rifle. Communication with our clients is priority throughout the process.

What we are doing for future builds:

We have implemented a few options for payment terms such as Sezzle and now are offering 50% deposits for our builds to help those looking to get a build without paying all upfront while they wait. We are also actively testing other platforms for possible competitive options. We have added Bergara B14r custom builds as well as Vudoo builds and will be offering builds for the CZ457 soon! Those who follow the channel can see the upgrades and improvements made to these platforms. We are also securing more actions, having a rotation of orders hit the shop more frequently to reduce build times. We are also in contact with barrel suppliers and placing batch orders for us to hand sort. We are also looking to expand operation and bring in tooling and machinery in a bigger building

Our goal:

Our shop goal is to set the bar where folk know that our rifles are THE BEST in the market. Our clients can rest assure our rifles will perform down range for the competitors. We want you to own something to be proud about, a masterpiece of quality build by a rare handmade skillset in todays time. Again we ask for patience on these builds to make this happen

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