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22 DPC (Desert Precision Cartridge)


This wildcat cartridge will take your AR15 platform and give you steller 1,000 yard capabilities. This cartridge is our flagship wildcat we designed based off the 6mm ARC. It utilizes ALL 22 caliber projectiles and can push 55gr's at 3450 FPS or 85.5gr Bergers at 3K, making this cartridge suitiable for long range target to varmit controll and hunting. Barrel life will be similair to 224 224 valkyrie.


Convert 6mm ARC cases with a simple 249 bushing. No triming needed! Or Fireform 22 PPC brass bumping shoulders up .035'' and trimming.


Here's some videos of our testing so far:

In a bolt gun (Click Here)

In a AR15 rifle (Click Here)


Benefits over 6mm ARC:

Better long range performance - Less elevation and wind by nearly 0.5 mil

Lighter recoil

No bullet setback / jump when chambering in an AR15

Better bullet avalibility

Keeps Mag length at 2.260 or less


Benefits over 224 valkyrie:

Substantial better long range performance

Can push higher BC .224 bullets faster

Keeps Mag length at 2.260 or less

Better brass life

Based off a more efficient case (220 Russian)

22 DPC AR15

Expected to ship within 3 months of order date
  • We are compiling a load data sheet for accurate SAFE working pressures. Based off our testing, we will list what we found accurate and its performance out to 1,000 yards


    85.5gr Bergers 

    • CFE223 @28gr
    • 2.260 COAL
    • 2940 FPS
    • 53,400 PSI

    80gr Berger VLD

    • CFE223 @28.3gr
    • 2.180 COAL
    • 2970 FPS
    • 51800 PSI

    80.5gr Berger Full Bore

    • CFE223 @28.3gr
    • 2.190 COAL
    • 2950 FPS
    • 52,000 PSI

    Everglades V4 or similair 55gr

    • CFE223 @30.5gr
    • 1.990 COAL
    • 3470 FPS
    • 53,400 PSI

    Nosler 77gr RDF

    • IMR 8208 XBR @ 28.6gr
    • 2.160 COAL
    • 3120 FPS
    • 51,800
  • Complete Aero Precision M4E upper:

    Color: BLACK

    • M4E1 Enhanced Upper, No Forward Assist - Anodized Black
    • Adjustable Gas Block - .750 Low Profile
    • 6.5 Grendel/6mm ARC Bolt Carrier Group, Complete - Black Nitride
    • AR15 Enhanced M-LOK Handguards, Gen 2
    • AR15 BREACH® Ambi Charging Handle w/ Large Lever - Black

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