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LEAD TIME 6-9 months


Fully custom Grey Birch LDR with a CZ457 Match 16" barrel

**Straight contour**16 inch barrel** 20 MOA rail**1:16 twist** **DPG JGS Match Chamber**Ready to dominate!!! 


"We build a lot of CZ457 custom rifles, leaving many brand new CZ457 barrels laying around. Seeing these stack up in the shop, I had the idea to see if they would fit in a 10/22 due to the barrel contour. To my surpise, it's a perfect fit! Instead of recyling these barrels, I decided to use them to offer a very reliable and competition option in a 10/22 at a affordable price"

-Kenny Ey 



The Grey Birch LDR 10/22 clone receiver is a 7071 aluminum receiver that is uses a 30 tpi threaded barrel and barrel nut. This is a superior design over a traditional 10/22 receiver and barrel clamp system as it eliminates barrel sag and adds much rigidy to the system over other receivers. This is a factory Grey Birch LDR offering with premium Grey Birch Bolt but upgraded barrel system.This combination in receiver design and barrel increases accuracy, reliability and ergonomics that is one of the best 10/22 custom offerings in the market at a far better price


  • DPG Guarantee of .45'' or better at 50yds and Sub 1 inch at 100yds
  • Hand Selected CZ457 Premium match barrel modified, threaded for Grey Birch LDR Receiver and rechambered to DPG JGS Match Chamber 1:16 twist 16'' threaded 1/2x28 (Factory CZ crown)
  • Comes with one factory 10 round Ruger Mag tested with the rifle
  • Timney Calvin Elite Trigger in black
  • Custom Cerakoteᵀᴹ option availiable. We will have DPCerakote contact you for pricing and options



Grey Birch custom 10/22 *CZ457 Match 16" Barrel 1/2x28 Threaded

Custom Cerakote
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