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SHOT Shot 2020 Recap. Whats new for this year

SHOT show 2020 began with an awesome time at Industry Day at the Range. I had opportunity to try and test out the newest firearms coming out this year Including the well talked about Savage 110 Elite precision in 6.5 PRC. And Uintah Precision new complete AR15 and AR10 Bolt Action rifle

Range day sets the precedence and spot light on vendors and their products. What made this year even better was hanging out with a couple of awesome friends, Gavin from Ultimate Reloader and Logan from West Desert Shooter. Instead of showing a bunch of rifles and products with a golden price tag, I focused on products that caught my attention and will help the average shooter.

What's New for 2020

Rifle Chassis

Woox modular chassis from Minelli USA LLC

Woox website: click here

If you like the classy look of a wooden stock, but need the rigidity of an aluminum chassis. I highly recommend looking into the Woox chassis line. Woox is owned by Minelli. Folks, if you know Minelli, then you know about the quality wood grain components and rifle stocks. What makes this chassis unique is the ability to swap forends, butt-stocks and rails. Essentially you can go from a tradition hunting setup, to a precision/F-Class or PRS ready rifle with just a simple push of a button. Best of all its available in 3 gorgeous classy wood grain walnut colors. Retail price ranges from $499 for the Wild Man to $999 for the Furiosia model.

Huge thanks to Kendall from Woox sharing and demonstrating these awesome chassis systems

MDT New XRS Chassis

Modular Driven Technologies has introduced the new XRS Chassis. The MDT XRS is a hybrid system bringing the benefits of a chassis to shooters who prefer a more traditional feel. Having the same rigid 6061 aluminum core and precision V block bedding, the XRS chassis has high strength textured polymer panels for insulation from the elements. Another unique feature is that the grip and forearm panels are replaceable. Both angled and vertical grip panels come with the package. This chassis is an all in one unit with spacers for LOP and a adjustable cheek riser. MLOK attachments at 3,6,9 o-clock for accessories such as a MDT ARCA rail. As of February 2020 the XRS chassis is offered in a Remington Short Action in black, however, MDT will be releasing XRS chassis that are footprinted for Savage, Tikka and more. The XRS Chassis retails for 499.95 and is an outstanding deal.

Reloading and Tools


Lyman introduced new reloading dies, a bore cam, sight pusher tool and Torque Wrench. The new Lyman Pro dies feature a high precision stainless steel die set. Designed for heavy production use with Lyman's Mark 7 line, these dies are robust and offer precision bullet seating and case uniformity. Price tag on these die set's run about $250. Click here for Lyman Website.

Lyman's new Borescope and Sight pusher tool should interest the hobbyist. though Lyman has a wired bore cam with monitor, Lyman answered the request for those needing a wireless borecam that can display on mobile devices or big screen. The borecam(TM) Pro Wireless Borescope retails for $339.95 and features an internal rechargeable battery via micro USB, 24" Rod, button for Photo/Video Capture, adjustable LED brightness thumb wheel all with wireless WiFi connection in 720p resolution on Lyman's App (Available on Android and Apple).

Lyman's Torque Wrench tool is an excellent tool for shooters and gunsmith's. The wrench has a high grippy texture and is over-molded for a good solid, comfortable grip. Easily adjustable from 10-100 inch lbs, Lyman's Torque Wrench tool comes with bits and drivers along with a nice carry case. Retail's for $99.95

The Accusight pistol sight tool is made right in Middletown CT in house on their CNC's. Made from a solid block of billet aluminum, It can adjust, install or remove front or rear dovetail pistol sights, and has a machined pocket for 1911 slides. The Accusight really clamps your slide secure for removing or moving dovetail sights. Retail price is $129.95


Savage 110 Elite Precision Rifle

With a price point of $1,999 MSRP for Caliber's 223-6.5 Creedmoor and $2149 for the 338 lapua and PRC family, There is a lot said for what you get in Savage's new Elite Precision rifle. A factory rifle in a MDT ESS chassis sporting a tungsten carbide look and Savage subtly engraved on the chassis cradles Savage's Target Tactile 110 Action. Factory blueprinted from the factory with an amazing target trigger 1.5-4lb adjustable, this rifle chambered in 6.5 PRC laid down accuracy down range with ease. Here's what John from Savage to bring you details about this new rifle

Uintah Precision UPR10 & UPR15

A bolt action system for your AR15 or AR10, why? Tac driving modularity. AR platforms are known for the endless options and upgrades. Since AR barrel's and matting surfaces are all housed in the upper receiver, this unique approach eliminates the need of bedded actions and are easier to true, naturally increasing the accuracy potential. Uintah Precision brings the AR to another level. This year Uintah Precision released their complete UPR10 and UPR15 rifles. The new lowers have a modernized look that compliment the UPR uppers. Uintah uses a proprietary 3 lug bolt and barrel extension for smaller bolt lift and rigid lockup.

I was on target at 910 Yards on the second shot with the UPR15 in 224 valkyrie on range day. Having met the UPR staff, I can vouch they have a passion in precision rifles and long range with outstanding skill in machining and ingenuity.

Palmetto State Armory

Two new rifles along with a G17 clone where announced at the PSA booth this year. One that particularly caught my attention was the new PSA Jakl. The Jakl is a Buffer-tubeless, MP5 style AR upper chambered in 300AAC. PSA plan's to release the Jakl as a complete rifle, somewhere around the $800 mark. I was told the upper will be available for-sale after. This makes for a unique compact package that uses a AR15 lower.

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